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HollyGamer said:
Pemalite said:

Let's not propagate this snippet of false information, shall we? No way can a console match the SSD capabilities of a high-end SSD setup on PC.

Only speculation. Wait till the hardware actually gets revealed.

SRAM is usually reserved for L1/L2/L3 caches on CPU's, GPU's and other processors, so the controller on the SSD could have a fair amount of processing capability if it features a chunk of SRAM.
In saying that, SRAM tends to be smaller, more expensive than DRAM, so it's use in large sequential reads/writes would be limited. - Massive boon for small random reads/writes though... But no reason why it can't or won't have both, memory hierarchy's exist for a reason.

However, to say it has "more advantages" over current SSD's with large DRAM pools and SRAM on the controllers is being disingenuous. - Who makes up these claims? Current PC SSD controllers have SRAM and DRAM, unless it's a low-end SSD.

You will not find any Nvme like this on the market 

EDIT: why would Sony bothered making a patent for it or even customize it, if it's not to cut the cost , making it more  accessible or make it even faster

If sony using normal Nvme for PS5  they will not make any patent, or making any statement.  

Why? Well to have a proprietary device which only Sony sells instead of using off-the-shelf SSD - at premium prices, of course.