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Bristow9091 said:
Chrkeller said:

LM3 is my personal GotY. I really enjoy it and the local campaign coop is greatly appreciated. I've been playing a lot with the kids. Speaking of which, people complaining family friendly games are too easy crack me up. Might as well complain Pixar movies don't have enough sex and violence.

Look I don't disagree Nintendo games tend to be easier than Sony/MS, but that literally is the point.  Kirby is coop, LM3 is coop, Mario Odyssey is coop, Yoshi's Crafted World is coop.  As a parent with young kids having accessible (easy) couch coop games is amazing.  Not everything should be aimed at the hardcore audience.  Kudos to Nintendo for realizing there is more than one demographic out there.

Yeah but something Nintendo games seem to lack that most other games have, are difficulty sliders/selections... sure, pop it in easy mode if you're playing with the kids, I totally get that... but why not give us the option for a bit of a challenge too, eh? 

Not sure why they don't to be honest.  People have been asking the same question about Souls and Sekiro for a long time.  I mean it wouldn't be too hard to double damage Luigi hard mode. 

For me I like Nintendo's difficulty, but I am at a different place than most.  I have played probably 5 hours of LM3 with the kids.  Being able to share gaming with the kids is really quite nice.  Most companies seem to have abandoned couch coop, luckily Nintendo still has it.   

I think my larger point is that raising the difficulty in Nintendo games would be a giant mistake, given a large percent of their audience.  A slider would be the better want as opposed to simply making games harder.