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There's one thing that annoys me with Nintendo and their approach to features. And it's their habit adding and dropping features from their consoles whenever they damn feel like it. For example.

* Pictochat - An application that lets you send text and drawn messages to nearby DS owners.
Fate: Axed entirely for the 3DS
* StreetPass - A feature that lets your 3DS communicate with and exchange data from other nearby systems even in sleep mode
Fate: Dropped for the Nintendo Switch, a system who's main selling point is taking it with you
* Wii Channels - A variety of applications for the Wii that allowed you to check the Forecasts, News, vote on popular Miis, view Photos, and more
Fate: Most were dropped in future systems, or retro-fitted into other features
* Virtual Console - A service that sold Retro titles from various systems like the NES as individual downloads
Fate: Replaced with Netflix-style apps as part of your Nintendo Switch Online Subscription
* Miiverse - A social media service dedicated to games that allowed you to posts screens, drawings, and tips relating to compatible titles
Fate: Closed, and replaced with the ability to post Captured Screens and Video Clips to third party social media services
* Sound, Camera, Activity Logs - Apps that let you playback audio files, take and view photos, and check your Play history on the 3DS
Fate: All three of them are gone, with the Activity Log reduced to a heavily stripped down feature in your Nintendo Switch user profile.

And that's just a sampling of the features Nintendo drops when they get bored of them. For the record, I'm fine with the Switch's lightweight OS as it's a rather refreshing change of pace from other devices, and I get removing features that nobody uses. But many of these were actually cool and well supported features for their respective systems.

What's the point in Nintendo introducing all these cool features, only to drop them the next system with no logic or consistency. Their ADHD philosophy regarding console features has always been a rather annoying trait about their products.