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It's been a while since I've put together a community driven top list here, so I figured now would be a good time to do so. Previously I've put together the top 50 Final Fantasy songs and the top 50 video game soundtracks lists, and now it's time to vote for your favourite video game composers of all time. At least initially it's going to be a top 25 list, but if I get a lot of votes I might expand it to a top 50 list, but we'll see. The more people that take part in this the better, so I don't have to base this whole thing on just my own personal opinion. So, here's the way this is gonna work:


How This Works

To enter your vote you need to list your top 10 favourite video game composers in order from most to least favourite, so for example:

  1. Nobuo Uematsu (10 pts)
  2. Jeremy Soule (9 pts)
  3. Koji Kondo (8 pts)
  4. Yasunor Mitsuda (7 pts)
  5. David Wise (6 pts)
  6. Yoko Shimomura (5 pts)
  7. Tim Follin (4 pts)
  8. Martin O'Donnell (3 pts)
  9. Motoi Sakuraba (2 pts)
  10. Jesper Kyd (1 pts)

If you are unsure about the name of a composer from a game, Wikipedia usually lists the names of composers in the general information section of most video games. However, if that fails you can go to VGMdb and search the name of the game and you should find the answer easily. Or you can just ask here and either me or someone else will probably be able to help.

You're also welcome to link your favourite pieces from the composers here as well if you wish. 


  1. You can pick UP TO TEN COMPOSERS. If you can't think of ten composers you can simply leave the rest of the spots empty.
  2. Only composers who primarily work in video games are to be voted on, so as much as you might like to vote for someone like Kow Otani or Harry Gregson-Williams, I'm afraid they won't be accepted despite their excellent work as they mainly work in film and anime. As a rule the composer should have at least 10 video game credits to their name for them to count, or if they have less then they must have worked exclusively on video games.
  3. In order for your vote to count you need to have at least 50 posts on the forums so people can't use multiple accounts to vote. I doubt there's anyone who would do that anyway, but it's a precaution just in case.

Voting Deadline: November 4th

The results will be posted on the site as articles, which I will also link here when they are done.

Finally, if you have any questions about the voting or the rules or anything else related to them you can leave a comment here and I'll answer as soon as I can. Hopefully as many people as possible join in the voting so we'll get a good picture of people's favourite video game composers.

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