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So the fiber install finished just over a week ago, and 5G internet is available as well as phone and TV, which can be bundled. Wouldn't you know it, just days after, the county dug up the fiber line and the phone line while installing culverts, so while the ISP was phoning people up to try and sell them on the service, most only cared about getting their internet and phone back up, which took a few days.

The good news:
The cell tower is a little less than 2.0km away from us and an acquaintance about 2.5km away, who has to go through even more trees to get the signal, says a tech has verified they will get full signal off their second story roof, so we definitely would here then. For just internet, which is all we would get at the moment, they are offering up to 25mbps down, 1.0mbps up, at $80 per month, no contract. Dish, cable, and modem/router install is $50. Would also be hooked up and online within two weeks time.

The bad news:
350GB data cap max, with $4.00 per GB overages, and no free download time overnight/early morning, period. This is the major deciding factor here unfortunately. The only reason our ISP data counter shows an average of 250GB per month is because the larger download files like 60GB PS4 games for example, are done overnight when it's free. With only 350GB, we would always be pushing the limit, and would always have to watch our usage carefully, and that's just not going to happen. No way am I paying overages, especially at those kind of ridiculous rates.

So let me get this straight. 3km down the road to the west, has a base FTTH package of up to 50mbps down, 10mbps up, $60 per month, 400GB cap ($80 for unlimited), yet the new fiber line that goes through our area, which just so happens to start where the line stopped last year 3km to the west, passes through here, and ends up 2km to the east at a tower, that offers up to 25mbps down, 1.0mbps up, $80 per month, 350GB cap max?

Do I live in the netmuda triangle or something?