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gamingsoul said:
I second that, eternal darkness is very overrated being a horror fan I wanted to love that game, but the combat is very boring the levels are very small and generic, I still don’t get the high praise it got and still gets, overall Nintendo was at their worst with the GameCube and rare wasn’t there anymore to save them. On the contrary I think nintendo’s And rare’s output was great during the n64 era the problem was the 3rd party support, zero fighting games like street fighter alpha or kof, no rpgs which were very high on demand during that time, no arcade ports, no mature games like mgs ,etc, you basically only had 3D platform and adventure games.i never owned a Wii U so I can’t say why it failed.

Street Fighter Alpha wasn't able to be put on the console due to the controller. The transitions on the face buttons weren't possible because that big green button was in the middle. You can see this even with the most basic Street Fighter 2 game on the SNES Virtual console using a Gamecube controller plugged into the Wii.

I concur with your opinion on Eternal Darkness. It was a fascinating concept, but the game failed to capture the spirit of the periods it tried to cover. The sanity meter was a tacked-on gimmick at best (there's a game called Don't Starve Together that does it MUCH better). Gameplaywise apart from the terrible controls, it had some of the most horrendous balancing I have ever seen outside of a Marvel 2D beat-em-up game.

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