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I always thought Eternal Darkness was one of the most overrated pieces of crap I have ever played. Did not like. Ogre Battle 64 was great. The best game on the N64, IMHO, was Banjo Kazooie.

Personally I think different things killed Nintendo's consoles.  

N64: pricing was the main driver.  ps1 games were $40, N64 launched at $70.  That is almost double.  I bought way more ps1 games because they were cheaper, and only hit Nintendo's big hitters.

Gamecube: launch lineup was very weak, and I say this as somebody who loves Luigi's Mansion.  But LM isn't a system seller.  The lack of DVD playback played a massive role, that was a big selling point for the ps2.  

Wii U: Terrible controller, terrible price, terrible name, terrible launch lineup.  It had nothing going for it.  

Last edited by Chrkeller - on 15 October 2019