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Ka-pi96 said:
Who calls 28 Days Later the "quintessential zombie film"? I mean, how can anyone give that title to anything other than a Romero film?

Shaun of the Dead is great, and a right laugh! Zombieland too, albeit that's not as good as Shaun. Don't think it would be fair to call what's effectively a spoof of zombie films the "best" zombie film though. Besides, there's a very different feeling you get when watching a scary zombie film, something that these two just can't manage.

I thought World War Z was crap... so yeah, that's not even in the running. I didn't really like REC either. For one thing I absolutely hate the hand-held camera style of film, they just annoy me. But also it wasn't really my type of horror film. I like them to be scary, but also actiony. REC was too heavily on the scary side for me.

Train to Busan was fantastic, best zombie film in a long long time actually. I'd love to watch it again, and it is on Netflix.... but with no English subtitles
While talking about non-English language movies though, La Horde really deserves to be mentioned too, that was another really good zombie film.

I think the Resident Evil films deserve a mention too, I mean they did get progressively stupider and less zombieish, but I thought the first 2 were still pretty good zombie films.

Overall though I'd have to say the original Dawn of the Dead, event hough it hasn't aged particularly well. That weird blue make-up they used(and the hair/clothing styles) really do make it look dated. In terms of plot though, I think it wins hands down. The remake looks much better and more modern, but isn't as good in other aspects (a trait that's all too common for remakes, unfortunately). Still a good film though, it just didn't live up to the original.

The first Resident Evil was okay, certainly one of the better game adaptations out there (which isn't saying much, but still), but I think most people would agree it'd be quite a stretch to even put it in the discussion for best zombie movie.

But yeah, World War Z was crap. I thought it was okay when I first saw it (no, I didn't pay to see this), certainly better than it had any right to be given the production problems and PG-13 rating (which means no blood and very little on-screen violence in a zombie movie {!}, oh and tons of annoying shaky cam), but the more I think about it, the more it dips into a mediocre-to-bad movie, and not just because it literally steals the name of the book for money. Terrible ending, choppy editing and direction (did I forget to mention terrible shaky cams?), bad CGI, characters with no depth and the personality of a plank of wood, oh and there's so many plot holes and, well, logic holes, I don't know where the fuck to begin:

Throwing a grenade on a plane that merely blows a hole in the wall ('cuz it would totes do that ), then buckling up after it goes haywire and miraculously surviving a plane crash that happens to be within walking distance of a medical research facility AND a metal spike through his lung?

Zombies slowing down as soon as they're about to get Pitt and getting stopped by a fridge when they were flying through the air and scurrying up walls?

A cop getting mowed down by a semi truck through a crowded street that was NOWHERE TO BE SEEN in the previous shot without it hitting the other cars (!)?

Pitt getting zombie blood in his mouth and not turning?

Pitt leaving his cell phone on in Korea? And his wife calling him (and thereby putting him in danger) DESPITE HIM TELLING HER NOT TO earlier?

Miraculously picking the right combo of vials for a camouflaging virus without getting instructions from the scientists who happened to be on the security cams?

Shaking off 2 car collisions (which BTW, the driver's side door was completely smashed, and apparently he's not even hurt because needing medical attention would mean he and his family are zombie meat, and we can't have that, so...) and snagging an RV that somebody conveniently left in the street with keys in the ignition and a loaded shotgun during a zombie apocalypse (!) which somehow nobody bothered to take THE WHOLE TIME (!) and somehow never once running into traffic during said zombie outbreak after that?

Zombies that can somehow detect infected hosts while sprinting full speed at them (nevermind the convoluted logic of already-infected zombies needing healthy hosts) yet need loud noises to know where people are (they can "sense" infections, yet they can't "sense" heartbeats? LOL! )?

Israelis building a wall and having no one watching the outside of it?

Pitt being chased by zombies all throughout the Israel scene, yet they conveniently stop long enough for him to catch a glimpse of said zombies running past the Israeli chick (which, again, makes no fucking sense)?

Spanish kid cheering after his parents were killed? 

There's (plenty) more, but that's a pretty damning list (the no-turning-after-zombie-blood-in-mouth gaffe alone should be enough to derail this film; seriously HTF did THAT make it past the editing room? Or the semi collision scene for that matter?). 28 Days Later, this is not. Oh, and the family was so useless that I personally wouldn't have cared if they got ripped apart by zombies. In fact, that might've actually IMPROVED the film, but alas, it couldn't have happened because, PG-13 limitations. Even if it did, they probably would've left it off camera for that exact same reason.

Oh, and here's one more giant plot hole for you (actually, make that 2): the zombie-in-bathroom scene on the plane. So you're telling me an infected man somehow fought through huge crowds, got onto the plane, then locked himself in the bathroom all within the 12 seconds time they said it takes for someone to turn? And apparently, he didn't make any sound the whole time because the stewardess/flight attendant didn't know he was in there despite all the loud plane noises the zombies were supposed to be triggered by.

Last edited by KManX89 - on 11 October 2019