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Pre-Ordering ASAP

Will likely pick up 6 units Day 1 if possible.

Mom & Dad

We've been a PlayStation Family since PS2, everyone has used PlayStation as their Main Computing Hub. As the hardcore electronics geek of the family, I always supply them with the latest tech. Makes gift giving easy.

This year will be Switch Lite's for those interested, or $200 in Cash/Gift Cards. Next year will be a bit more expensive, but I have been saving.

Stop hate, let others live the life they were given. Everyone has their problems, and no one should have to feel ashamed for the way they were born. Be proud of who you are, encourage others to be proud of themselves. Learn, research, absorb everything around you. Nothing is meaningless, a purpose is placed on everything no matter how you perceive it. Discover how to love, and share that love with everything that you encounter. Help make existence a beautiful thing.

Kevyn B Grams