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I have watched Dr. No. I'll go for a 7 out of 10 - not an all time great, but definitely a solid effort that is always enjoyable to watch. Some thoughts (which may be a retread of what other people have said):

- Connery seems very natural as Bond. Feels very comfortable even though it's his first time in the role.
- I like the fact that Dr No only appears in the last 15 minutes or so. Gives a sense of mystery and anticipation.
- I appreciate the slow nature of the film, and how it gradually unfolds.
- I love the lighting and ambience in some of the shots (eg when Bond/Honey first enter the underground lair after being washed down, Bond waiting for the Professor in Taro's house). Very serene at times.
- As mentioned above, some nice verbal sparring between Bond and Dr No at the dinner table. A lot of respect, but also some venom in their words. Suppose it was to become a series trademark.