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Veknoid_Outcast said:

We're live! Please stop by and let me know if you plan to participate. I'll add your name to the table.

@Doc755 @Snesboy @drbunnig @Signalstar @Spike0503 You had expressed some interest, so flagging you here :)

I'm back. Sorry for how late I am. You can count me in, I just watched Dr. No. I think it's a 7/10. The music and Connery make it really memorable but it becomes kinda boring during No's Island.

I can't wait for From Russia with Love! It's one of my top 5.

Also, for the poll, my favorite is Daniel Craig. As a book Bond fan, I think him, Connery and Dalton are the ones who channel the original Bond the best. He's also been in my favorite Bond movies so that helps, lol.