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Snesboy said:
I'm in. Also my favorite Bond is Dalton. Followed by Moore.

Woo! Another Dalton fan.

Another benefit of Dalton is that he seems to most closely fit the Ian Fleming Bond of the books.

I might have a bit of a bias because Dalton was the one playing Bond around the time I got into the franchise. It was also the period where I found the Bond films transformed from the old classic Bond style to the modern form: grittier, darker, more serious. Also, there was a notable jump in production value during the Dalton era.

I always found it a shame that the studio had too many issues, I'd have liked to see at least 2 more Dalton films. That's, unfortunately, been the plague of modern Bond films: studio problems.

Anyway, James Bond Interviews the people of Middle Earth: Saruman, Gimli, and Boromir

And it's a little known fact that Connery COULD have been Gandalf. Although, it's difficult to imagine Ian McKellen not in the role

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