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curl-6 said:
JWeinCom said:

I worked gaming retail for a while.  A hundred dollars in a gaming system makes a huge difference.  The points you made are understandable, but price overrides them.  Someone on the fence for the Switch who has fond memories of brain age and wii fit would be far more likely to make an impulse purchase at the 199 price point.

You can play Ring Fit Adventure on the Lite. You just need additional Joycons. I don't remember requiring additional Wiimotes being an impairment to a lot of blue ocean games on Wii.

I never said you couldn't.  I said they were more likely to at a 199 price point.  The joycons bring it to a 280 dollar pricepoint.  At which point it's kind of senseless to buy the lite anyway. 

By the way, which wii games required purchasing two additional Wii-motes to play with one player?