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SKMBlake said:
Is it you.

Look at what we have this year exclusive wise:
-Super Mario Maker 2
-Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3
-Astral Chain
-Luigi's Mansion
-Link's Awakening
-Their weird fitness RPG

And the console has almost 2000 games in its library in 2 years, which is very close to the Xbox One and PS4.

And yet you think it's pathetic ? Really ?

Yeah , I agree, it's OP.

Also from a money point of view, while people might not buy all of those titles, the list you put there would come to around €500 over a year of gaming, as well as buying 3rd party games it has to reach a point where you acknowledge that you gotta hold off for a few months sometimes to allow people save up their gaming budget to buy another title from you, especially if you want to keep Nintendos model of premium price remaining premium for the whole generation, say if it was someone like Sony, games like Horizon zero dawn can be gotten now for change, but Zelda breath of the wild which launched the same time is still retailing for €70, that means that when it comes to buying Nintendo titles there is sort of a security in buying them on launch for their launch price because you don't have it in the back of your mind... "hey... if I wait a month or 2 maybe I can get this on the cheap" Great sales tactic by them to remove that worry

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