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Dulfite said:
I think all companies output will slow down as each generation comes out. Why? Because people expect all that fancy technology to be integrated perfectly.

"It needs to be 720p! Now 1080p! Now 4k! Now 8k!
It needs anti alising!
It needs 30fps! Now 45 for! Now 60fps!
The card should be unlocked!
It needs HDR!"

And of course all these companies are pressured to develop games to take advantage of all these "needs" before many will buy them. How many people won't buy a great game because of one, if not more of these issues? A ton. So developers have to take a lot longer and spend a lot more money to make them and they either can't and lose money from years or not releasing only to fold as a company or they do and their output is diminished. The future of the gaming industry is bleak because of many picky gamers that only will tolerate cutting edge.

Don't forget Ray Tracing!