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sethnintendo said:
Chrkeller said:
The higher the fidelity the longer the development times. The DS wasn't HD nor did it support digital surround sound. Comparing development times to the Switch is stupid.

Lets see 1 system vs 2 systems.  Yep completely stupid.  Maybe they should have hired better programmers if they can't figure out "HD" development or buy a third party company like Capcom.  Shit small developers can make decent looking games with Unity.  I know there was some difficulty in progressing from standard to hd which you lost a lot of third party companies during that era but this is like a decade later.  How the fuck can you use the same excuse?  In 20 years are we still going to be using this excuse?  Also, Nintendo doesn't even use the highest graphic standards nor do they care.  You act like they are making the highest graphic games for PC.

It is very stupid.  The number of system(s) is irrelevant.  Breath of the Wild requires more development time than all Zelda DS games combined.  It isn't rocket science.

And you are acting as though other companies are kicking out top shelf games regularly, which is just a lie.  How long did we wait for RDR2?  As another example, what has Guerrilla Games released since Horizon?    

And buy Capcom?  Capcom all but blows.  How many quality games does Capcom release a year?  Go ahead and name their top shelf 2019 releases. 

Do some basic math son.  Link Between Worlds was 700 mb..  Breath of the Wild was 13.4 gb....  you are comparing two different scopes.  BotW is 19 times bigger than Link Between Worlds.  Can you make a 5 course meal as fast as I can cut up an apple?  I'm guessing no.  

Last edited by Chrkeller - on 04 October 2019