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VideoGameAccountant said:
shikamaru317 said:

So, we have an article now that says that there was an internal power struggle between Shawn Layden (head of Sony Worldwide Studios) and Jim Ryan (head of Sony Interactive Entertainment):

At first people thought the article was BS, but now multiple other games journalists have said that it matches with what they've been hearing from their sources. Apparently the power struggle began around the same time that Sony started requiring Japanese developers to send their games to the US for certification before they could be released in Japan, effectively negating Japan's own CERO rating organization. That was when the censoring of Japanese games by Sony began. 

It seems like there is a bit of culture shock within the company for sure. I think it was clear to most people what was going on when Sony was censoring Japanese titles after moving to progressive California. Now it seems there is a clear power struggle within the company. I think this is the same cancer that is going on within Hollywood right now which ultimately lead to Video Games over taking movies (as they never embraced the cancer). Think could spell long term pain for Sony. I'm sure by now everyone has heard "Get Woke Go Broke." While it may be overused and it's application wrongly applied at times, it has definitely had an effect in entertainment. You can see this with Starwars and Battlefield. The video game market doesn't like the Californication of entertainment. 

Console generations are resets. Success last time doesn't spell success the next time (often it's the opposite). Sony can't rely on its massive user base with PS4 to carry them with PS5. If Sony embraces some of these ideas that have hurt other games and movies, I can't see PS5 being a success. The silver lining is Sony is a Japanese company and they may not take kindly to the California branch if they under perform in their strongest segment. 

I would be curious to see any usage of the phrase "Get Woke Go Broke" that I'd agree with. Seems like something youtube reactionaries say for anything that has women or minorities in it when they deem it shouldn't.