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Hey guys (and gals)!

I just thought I'd tell you all, Great Job!  You really helped get this Switch party started right.  Now I'm sure that some of you will come in here and say the reason for the success of the Switch is that Nintendo actually made a decent piece of hardware and backed it with good games, but we can't forget to give credit where it's due.  To the consumer.  That's guys, the hardcore Nintendo faithful and the somewhat lukewarm kinda Nintendo faithful have made the Switch a revolution and you should be commended for showing up early, buying the games, supporting the indies and the worthy 3rd party titles, and for doing your part as Switch (and Nintendo) ambassadors.  

Your dedication to Nintendo this generation helped put the Switch on a path that will reward you ten fold.  Already we're seeing Nintendo start to bring out genres and IPs once thought abandoned by the company.  The fact that the Switch is currently enjoying excellent sales with no signs of any slowdown on the horizon suggests that this generation in particular will be a renaissance for a host of different play experiences as the size of the install base and the energy of that install base almost guarantees us many, many more years and holiday seasons with this little hybrid.

So please...take a bow.  Tell us when you purchased your Switch and what dormant genre or IP you most hope gets to see the light of day thanks to this hopefully longer lifespan of the Switch.