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Chrkeller said:
Played it on the ps4 when it launched. Best rpg in over a decade.

Same, and I think it was the best RPG I played since DQ9, which I have extremely fond memories of, and have played through twice fully.

I met my wife while we were going to University, and we spent almost all our time together. When summer break came after our first school year together, we had to spend that time apart (except for occasional visits on the weekends). I went back to live at my mom's house while working part-time, and she did the same at her parents house (50 miles away).

We both bought copies of DQ9 the day it came out, and we spent a large part of our summer playing through the game. We had some 300+ hours of playtime apiece, and they used to have downloadable content via the Nintendo WFC, which would give you new quests and exclusive items on a weekly basis (and I think there was a daily shop you could visit to buy rare items).

We were both obsessed with DQ9, and now that we are married, and it's been ten years since then, we were both very excited for DQXI, and we bought a copy the day of release. It took me many months to finish the game, and I still have some post-game content that I haven't completed yet, but it is an epic adventure, with awesome characters, and so much content.

The one thing I wish DQXI had is grottos.