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Earlier this month, Nintendo announced Ring Fit Adventure. A fitness RPG for the Switch that leverages its Joy-Con with a new set of peripherals called the Ring-Con and Leg Strap. The timing of this is suspect, as the recently launched Switch Lite lacks bundled Joy-Con controllers. But it does tell us one thing, Nintendo aren't abandoning the main Switch system, or its Joy-Con focused games, just because the Switch Lite is a thing

From day one, Nintendo has been clear to market the Switch lite as not a replacement for the main system, but an addition to it. Every Switch ad recently, features the flagship hybrid model first and foremost, while also highlighting the Switch as a new side alternative for those who just want a pure mobile experience. So it makes no sense to homogenize or stifle developers just because a separate optional product exists.

Prior to the announcement, I was firmly against the idea of a Switch Lite, because it just signaled to me that Nintendo wasn't confident enough in their own ideas, echoing the similar worries of the 3DS/2DS. But Nintendo's actually done a good job about marketing the Switch Lite, making it clear that it's not replacing the main system, but rather complimenting it.