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Mr Puggsly said:
theRepublic said:
Software. The answer is almost always the software.

The name, also known as marketing, did not help.

We are seeing virtually the same software thrive on Switch.

If those same games were downgraded for the original Wii, they would have succeeded there as well.

Launch titles matter.  Where was the Wii U's Breath of the Wild?  If it came out in the first year of the console's life instead of the last, it could have made a difference.  Not to mention Super Mario Odyssey followed up as another hit title only about 7 months later.  That was just in time for the Switch's first holiday season.  Two hit games during the console's first holiday season is huge.  Around 40 to 50%% of game sales happen in just November and December.  Being so early in the console's life, that is going to move a lot of hardware as well.

Wii U had Nintendo Land and New Super Mario Bros U for its first holiday.  Super Mario 3D World for the second holiday (and a remaster of Wind Waker if you want to include an, at the time, 11 year old game).  The third holiday finally had two big hitters in Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros.  But that is already the third holiday season for the console.  Basically too late at that point to make a big difference.  And none of those games were the massive hit Breath of the Wild was.

Do we have sales numbers on the Wii U to Switch ports?  I would love to see the numbers.

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