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trunkswd said:

If anyone has suggestions for new sales articles based on our hardware and software figures feel free to let me know. I'm all for doing new sales article series or one offs based on our historical figures.

For example many years ago I did a Sales History series of articles taking a look at the sales of specific franchises. 

I don't think your comment was meant for me, but I do want to state that I'm not referring to articles.  In fact, these graphs would have almost no writing on them outside of the names of the games, the amount sold, and maybe a little "Did you know" blurb.  There'd be a focus on color, style, and fun.  And of course the VGC logo somewhere to make sure people know where to go to see the rest of the numbers.

And for the record, I am that guy that is suggesting something who doesn't actually have the time to do it.  I just think they'd be really cool to look at and I'm honestly surprised info graphics like this haven't already come from this site.  I think many people here prefer analysis as opposed to just pretty pictures that make you go, "hmm, I didn't know that."