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When I first came to VGCharts...which is what I remember directing me to this place with a z, I came here expecting charts.  Charts of titles and charts of consoles.  And sure, that's what I got.  But mostly I found a sales tracking website.  That was super handy as the Wii was just released and it was great getting real time data on the war between it, the 360 and the PS3.  We know these times as the golden age of VGC, the last best time for console wars.

But I think we are missing some charts.

Why not have charts with cool themes reflecting how well handheld Zelda titles have performed across the generations, for instance.  Or how well COD titles have performed amongst the different platforms.

Make these charts pop, make them be great for sharing across social media.  It just seems like there's all kinds of data here to use to create a rich and robust image gallery of different sales comparisons over the years, and this wouldn't require the tracking that has become so problematic.  

I see the site trying to move into other tracking features like film and music, and I just feel like there's already ample data to reflect upon over gamings' 40+ year history.

And the key here would be to make these charts (or graphs) very attractive, cute, and fun.  I'm sure many of these game makers own all the assets to their respective games, but certainly through various free clip arts or fan made renderings backgrounds and themes would be pretty easy to come up with.

At any rate, just add this to the list of chores that I know this website doesn't have the people power or resource allocations to make happen, but it would be cool.