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Ganoncrotch said:
curl-6 said:

Honestly, I think Switch and PS5/Scarlet are such different products with such different value propositions that they won't harm each other. I mean, the massive success of the Wii/DS didn't stop devs making HD games for PS3/360.

Quite possible but the majority of PS3/360 titles were running at 720p up from the 480 of the Wii so they were still in the same region of pixels, but a ton of Switch titles right now are sub 1080p at 720/900p and I think the next gen machines are gonna be looking at pushing for 4k or 1440p at least in all titles, a dev wanting to create a game for the machine selling like hot cakes is going to need to do a hell of a lot of work to go from 720p>4k especially if they're going to be looking at the sales of one of those systems if one does great and the other tanks it's very unlikely that they'll get 3rd party love @ 4k

Sorry I'm just looking through my crystal ball here and it gets a bit muddy at 18 months out :D who knows what happens, maybe it turns out that bitter taste on the Switch carts actually makes people die from dysentry 3 years after licking them so the Switch will have no install base when the next Sony / MS consoles drop.

That sounds plausible until you actually calculate the amount of pixels. 720p, at same color depth and framerate, is 3 times larger in it's amount of pixels as 480p does, partially due to 480p only being a 4:3 format. 4k is 4 times larger than 1080p, while 1440p is about twice as large as 1080p.

In fact, due to diminishing returns and due to details becoming so small that one doesn't recognize them anymore unless put directly side by side, the difference will be less visible than it was with the Wii.

What will cost the Switch more is not the resolution, but the lower grade models, textures lightning, and so on, which are far more visually striking than just the amount of pixels.