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Ooo! I just thought of another game I wanna play on this new online Super Nintendo (I think I'll just go back to calling it that): Super Godzilla! The greatest, most ambitious Godzilla video game ever made! Y'know, the wannabe Godzilla RPG? Remember that one?

I loved the graphics, soundtrack, and the quirky battle system with (1994) awesome attack cut scenes. Okay, the slow-motion pacing of the overworld leaves something to be desired. But it's still totally worth it.

I still remember one whole night me and my cousin spent trying to beat this game from start to finish back when I was 13. It was an epic experience. Trading off control of Godzilla at the end of each stage and attempt, we got all the way to Bagan (the incredibly tough final boss) and came SOOOOOOO close to beating him, we were yelling and jumping around, waking up our respective parents at 4 AM, only to die. Still, getting that far was a legendary accomplishment for us. Until I finally beat the game a couple months later on my own, but with no one else around to witness and appreciate it, that was less satisfying. Oh well.

Last edited by Jaicee - on 15 September 2019