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Cerebralbore101 said:

You don't have to be that in-depth all the time. Just when you're making an argument  

Also I hope that camera comment was not meant to start the discussion over cameras again ... I'm getting PTSD from the "Mario Galaxy is a top down game" comment (I know what Mario Galaxy's camera is like fyi) 

Anyways yeah, that could be cool. I don't think it will actually happen though. I also think they'd just go for a Galaxy 3, over a 3D series game with Galaxy mechanics. Galaxy's mechanics work mostly because the type of game it is, which is very specific  and still different from the 3D series overall ... even if I do think it laid the groundwork for an almost  completely 2D-inspired course based 3D Mario game. 

I really like Mario Maker though, so as long as those keep coming i'm happy. And hopefully Odyssey 2 gets released ... great concept, just iffy execution. As for dropping NSMB, I think they're basically already doing that. A port really takes little effort.