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Jumpin said:
CrazyGamer2017 said:

Banning/censoring someone else's opinions/ideas/artistic works is for weak minds

What if these "ideas/artistic work" are both wholly unoriginal and a blatantly offensive mockery? This "Jesus Christ" character is clearly only meant to disparage and sneer at Monty Python's Life of Brian. There is little originality or inherent value to the so-called "work of art!"

I'm about to get perma-banned for totally unrelated reasons to this thread so I'll just give you a last reply before I'm on my way.

Should you consider those ideas/artistic works bad, offensive, worthless etc, well that is your right and prerogative but that does not give you the right to erase those bad ideas/artistic works from existence simply cause they offend you. Don't watch them, criticize them and if you want, advise your friends not to see those, but erasing a work of art or idea that you don't agree with is wrong cause it implies that only your views are objectively worthy of existence and I don't think anyone's views should be IMPOSED on all. Choice is important, even vital. Everyone should be allowed to walk their own path even if it strays far away from what some would call the norm. At least in my opinion.

EDIT: In regards to my perma-ban, how ironic a coincidence that this thread be my last in which I debate considering the topic here, and this thread really is a coincidence in case any one wonders.