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I realize the film was controversial in its day, as with most of Scorsese's films, but I ignored it until just recently.

Upon viewing the film, what it subjected me to appalled me.

The film depicts the life and times of a carpenter by the name of "Jesus Christ" (WillIAM Dafoe) who rose to fame 2000 years ago. But many have pointed out the stunning resemblance to the Monty Python film: The Life of Brian. After watching this The Last Temptation of Christ the similarities are undeniable. "Jesus Christ" is clearly intended to be an offensive lampoon of Chapman's character Brian. But they don't even name the character correctly since the initials "J.C." are clear reference to actor John Cleese.

While Scorsese is on record saying that it is a film based on a novel about a carpenter and is not in any way based on the Monty Python film, I will have to call that statement a steaming pile of monkey shit! If I were in charge of Monty Python, I would sue Scorsese, Dafoe, and Universal Pictures without mercy on grounds of plagiarism and libel slander!

From a critical standpoint, I find this "The Last Temptation of Christ" to be not even half as funny as the Life of Brian! Parts of it are a colossal drag: like the crucifixion scene at the end (Again! A blatant RIPOFF of Life of Brian’s ending) which I am not sure is more silly or depressing. I barely laughed at all!

The original Life of Brian crucifixion scene was done with far more grace:

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