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Vodacixi said:
Mr Puggsly said:

MK11 isn't the same scale as Doom or Wolfenstein II. It was UE3 which likely made working with Switch easier from an optimization perspective. The Switch version was also handled by a 3rd party.

We know the Switch version of Doom Eternal isn't the priority, maybe they aren't sure if it will be ready. I don't think this is unusual.

I'm pretty sure UE3 is much less optimized for the Switch than UE4. And as for being handled by a third party... so is DOOM Eternal.

Well, Doom Eternal is id Tech 7, not UE4, it's an all new engine that debuting with this game. Still, it's an iterative upgrade over id tech 6 which is well established on Switch with Doom 2016, Wolfenstein II, and Youngblood all running on it. I don't think the engine should be an problem.

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