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JWeinCom said:
While I and I'm sure everyone else in this topic share our support, I don't think this is really the appropriate forum to get advice on that kind of issue. If you need an online community I would suggest I get that you're more comfortable here with people you sort of know but people who do not have a certain mental illness tend to give VERY bad advice on how to handle it. I deal with depression and overall the advice from people who don't have it is very shitty. And I'd imagine OCD is probably harder for those who don't have it to understand than depression is.

Aside from that, see a psychaitrist. You said you saw a doctor so maybe you're already doing this, but if the doctor is a general practitioner they may not be the best to see. If your current medication makes you lethargic, talk to them about other options.

Feel free to PM me. I'm never going to give you any advice because I am not qualified, but if it helps to get things down in writing, that's an option for you. Good luck.

Thanks. I'm seeing a psychiatrist, yes.

I think I need to be more communicative, that's why I made this thread. But, if I'm breaking any rules, may a moderator lock it, please.