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I find it crazy in a single day they dropped so many absolutely amazing games on people with a online Sub, I mean... Super Mario World 1+2, A link to the Past, Super Metroid are all absolutely must play games, and A Link to the Past for those who didn't play it before are getting their hands on one of the best RPG's of the SNES, sets up so much of the Zelda main series items in this game, there's at least 20 hours of play there as long as ya don't follow along a walkthrough and just enjoy the game.

The OG Mario Kart and Starfox are great games... but they've aged a little bit, Star Fox in particular has a fairly rough framerate that I think if people haven't played it before they will probably find it difficult to see around.
But yeah... this pack of games we got, I mean if you just got a Switch and nothing other than an online sub you just got access to an amazing set of games to get lost in for the next month.

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