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Ultrashroomz said:
Ganoncrotch said:

Hey! Why don't you wanna play this fresh new title! you know it did win the game of the year award right? .... in.... 2016, that's only 3 years ago now.

Wouldn't you also like a glass of beer to go with it which has been poured out 3 years ago or a slice of cake from the award show? some of it is still not blue and fuzzy!

Remember when I did that Overwatch elimination game that ended up going south cause I was busy and couldn't update results in time?


Oh my god yeah, that was quite literally years ago. In terms of how games move on this would be like Activision saying they were bringing Call of Duty to the Switch... but they meant call of Duty from 2003, and on mobile too so they would be porting the N-Gage version of it to the Switch for good measure.

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