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DreadPirateRoberts said:
I like the Atelier series, but with so many long games coming out, my backlog just can't justify buying the latest ones. It doesn't help that I'm one of those people who dislikes Japanese VA and prefers English, and the latest games lack that.

And speaking of backlogs, I guess I'm the first to claim Final Fantasy VIII.

The screenshots I've seen of that look beautiful, have you installed and played some of it yet? I'm wondering is it just the in game models which got tidied up or have the FMV's gotten some love as well.

I so don't want to buy it just yet because I've been doing great at my backlog this month clearing some amazing titles and deleting some very weak games, even some which I finished just to get them off my switch, gotta say Rogue Trooper Redux just dragged towards the end (and middle) that game would have done itself a favour to have ended a lot sooner especially given the lack of adding extra enemy types as the game progressed and the final boss not even being an enemy you fight really. Such a let down but hey I get 8GB of storage back for new games.

Been playing Celeste which I bought months ago... dear lord that game is beautiful in all the right ways, controls are spot on, graphics are gorgeous for what it sets out to do and the audio choices really match the games various settings, if anyone in here hasn't played it before I would strongly recommend picking it up, as long as you're okay with dying multiple hundred times, not exaggerating btw, my last stage complete had 137 deaths in it.

I missed the August update though... will have to make Septembers one special :o

Edit - Just checked your OP Celeste owned by 14% of people in this thread, that makes me a happy chappy, if the game has been sitting in you guys backlog of shame like it was mine, I really recommend you check it out.

Also thanks again for maintaining this thread Dreadpirate it's really awesome to see a chart of info on how certain games do in your OP.

Counted up as well on my Switch I have now completed 77 titles on the Switch out of the 300 or so games I have on it, while that may sound like there is a terrible amount of games which I haven't played having a system with close to a 1/3 completion rate for me hasn't happened in years, I normally collect tons of games but never get to play them, I have well over 150 games on the PS4 but would consider less than 20 of them complete, my X360 I have around 300+ games I would have less than 50 finished I think. Switch living in my pocket/bag means games I buy get played and finished.

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