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numberwang said:
Ganoncrotch said:

Did you really cite the Bible as a fact for fasting being a good way to heal? Please take that books advice and don't eat for the next 40 days, I'll check back into this thread in a months time to see how you're getting on. You should be really spiritually renewed, and also obviously dead.

Selective reading and ad hominem.

You are correct I did not read passed you quoting bible as fact in terms of something you could literally follow as a diet/health plan.

As per the type of pre human which existed 2.8 million years, you're talking about monkey with a stick that ate when it could and died when it couldn't, again looking to how a wild animal eats for diet advice isn't great when you want to live into your teens.

But aye I choose to stop reading your posts here after this one, if you believe what you are typing regarding your advice to "fatties" then there isn't much more that I would ask other than you at least warn of the likelyhood of increased heart attacks when it comes to a carb free diet being recommended to others, as well as the decrease in energy and concentration which come with it as well as how the popularity of the Atkins diet collapsed after deaths which came about from it hence why it gets lots of different cool sounding names now while remaining just as dangerous and having such limited gains after the initial drop in weight as well as the bodies reaction to hitting starvation and how that can make your body store fat when food is available.

Correct as well I would say to suggest that I'm attempting to take apart your argument based on your views on this subject as a whole, you are dropping nuggets of advice which people have died following, I think it would be important on a thread based on health to point out a person who is suggesting such things.

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