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Jumpin said:
curl-6 said:

None of them are revisions, obviously. They're all clearly new systems that just happen to share some games and technology with prior systems.

While it is a new system with a new OS and interface, from a hardware perspective, the Wii can be justified as a revision of the Gamecube. That is why people were saying it. The prototype Wii was literally a GameCube and a Wii remote.

This is why I said, if anyone wishes to consider the Wii as a revision of the Gamecube, that would be IMO objectively the best revision of Nintendo hardware in company history. Otherwise, GBA SP. My personal favourite is the DS Lite, as I skipped the SP and actually played most of my GBA games on DS and DS Lite.

To consider Wii a revision is simply incorrect given the different branding, disc media, controller, OS, etc.

But I don't have the energy for much debating these days so I'm just gonna leave it at that.

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