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The best winter/ice/snow levels thread instantly made me think of 1080 Snowboarding, even though it's entirely a winter game. I played that game so much on N64, about as much as Goldeneye I would say, which was a lot. I just realized the box art has Lamar Snowboards and if I remember correctly there are more to choose from in game, which isn't a surprise because Lamar was the go to brand back then, except for that this was on a Nin console.

Anyway, the point is, 1080 was the reason I tried snowboarding, and while my first snowboard was a cheap plastic no name brand to learn on, when I did get a legit board a couple of years later, it was a Lamar. Which I chose, and till this day I've only ever bought Lamar boards, even though they've been a fairly generic brand for a while now. While I had also seen Lamar boards in magazines back then, I never thought about the fact that they were in a game I played a lot, or maybe I did and didn't realize it.

While I know I was way more easily influenced when I was younger, I never realized this, until now. What else haven't I realized when it comes to ads and purchases?