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Lonely_Dolphin said:
curl-6 said:

It could be considered better in some ways for a lot of people. It has a proper D-Pad, it fits in your pocket, and it's $100 cheaper.

Every way besides price of course.

Nintendo has yet to officially make one, but there are third party Joy-Cons with d-pad if you really need it, and from what I can tell it looks bigger than the N3DS XL which only barely fits into my pocket, but eh technically it's still more portable regardless. Even the smallest insignificance can be a reason I know, that's why I'll be interested in hearing from those who prefer it over the regular.

Still, Switch Lite comes with a D-Pad out of the box and the regular Switch doesn't. Another potential plus for parents buying for their kids is that due to the integrated controls its likely to be more durable and doesn't have separate parts to lose.

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