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In terms of "most effort put into a multiplat on Switch", absolutely. All the exclusive content and improvements, actually marketing it, plus the care taken to maintain visual quality even though it's a UE4 game that was already 900p/30fps on PS4.

Vodacixi said:
Sunstrider said:

@ the bolded part, this, I was quite impressed as to how DQXI was able to keep a clean look compared to XC2 since that game was 1st party, granted I played only the first area of the demo, maybe there lot's more going on in XC2? I don't know, but I gotta say, DQXI is really looking good in handheld mode, haven't tried TV mode yet.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is a bit more open in the sense that there are no invisible walls. Also, battles are more dynamic since those are in real time and on the fly, rather than in a closed space like in DQXI. But even with this aspects, it's shocking to see how much better DQXI looks on portable mode compared to XC2.

I want to believe that XC2 looks so blurry because Monolith didn't have time to polish the game all they wanted... but then again, the expansion suffers the same problem, so...

It's also worth noting Monolith was undermanned during the production of Xenoblade 2 due to half the team working on BOTW, and it really shows in a lot of its graphical rough edges. The resolution is commonly criticized, but as someone who played it docked I felt muddy textures, bland character models, and a generally non-cohesive art style were the bigger culprits. The overall look is just kinda awkward and incongruous.

DQ11 definitely looks better, and while I'm not a fan of its art style either I think the main reason is that it just looks more aesthetically consistent. Doesn't hurt that it inherits some nice lighting from being a UE4 game.

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