JRPGfan said:
curl-6 said:

I am quite interested to see what effect, if any, the arrival of the Mariko-powered regular Switch has on sales. On the one hand, it could cause a bump from people upgrading, but on the other, Nintendo hasn't really publicized it as a "new and improved" model, so it could be the vast majority of consumers aren't even aware of it and the pre-Lite slump will continue.

^ nintendo want to sellout stock of older models..... so its hush hush, new revision? whaaaaat? no need to advertise that.

Its that "same-same.... but differnt" meme.

However the biggest thing is the +80% better battery life, and ~5% performance (faster ram),
and supposedly slightly more sturdy Joy-cons (to try fix drift issue).

I guess the slight perf. gain isnt worth a "new" title.... and they dont want to advertise they have a joy-con drift issue.
So it basically all boils down to the battery life, which again might not be enough to sell you on a "new improved switch".

So its just a silent revision...... I think sony did the same, with a few times this gen too.

Imo the "effect" of this new Mariko model will be slim to nothing (ei. sales will look as they always have).
The thing that will have a effect, is the handheld only Switch version, thats going for a smaller price point.

Also I think Nintendo are still selling these at decent profits, it might be possible for Switch Lite to hit 149$.
Thats when the handheld Switch sales blows up, at that price point, its a much easier sale to parents looking for a gift for a kid.

Yeah, it's not enough of a bump to be worth a "new" or "pro" label, hence why they're keeping it quiet. 

I think $200 is just right for the Lite for now; any less would risk devaluing the Switch as a whole. Save that $150 price point for later on in its life I reckon.

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