MasonADC said:
Chrissave75 said:

I do not think the lite version will have a major impact on sales after it's first launch week. I will wait on buying one personally as I don't feel confident about the quality of the analog sticks. I have the OG and I have already replaced the Joycon two times so I will wait for a youtuber to open the console

Regardless, Sony is making so much profit on hardware sales at the moment and with the  psvr market and accessories hitting new strides, I just don't see why they would lower the price anytime soon.

It is basically a $100 price cut. Baseline will be raised for the rest of the year and a good time after, not just the first week

It's not just a price cut though, if you wanted a slimline just portable from Nintendo this is it, I know of a few people who had issues with the Switches TV features and removable joycons instead of it being a solid handheld unit (I even offered to weld/Glue joycons onto a Switch for a mate...)

I definitely could see the Lite getting other people to buy the Switch who might love the games but not the system with the dock and such so I would imagine the weekly could go up by 10k on average if the lite didn't drop, that is after the initial launch week which I see as being a 1m week easily.

Fancy hearing me on an amateur podcast with friends gushing over one of my favourite games?