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TheMisterManGuy said:
Soundwave said:

That's a Japanese studio. 

The last time a Western studio got to make a major original IP title was ... when? 

Nintendo is a very traditionalist Japanese company even by Japanese company standards. Given the cost of modern game development I think they are reticent to give a Western studio a chance at a new IP. 

Retro failing every time they've been given a chance at a new IP probably just reinforces the position at Nintendo. 

Snipperclips 2 years ago at the launch of the Switch. I'm not asking for a massive-budget AAA epic. But Nintendo can do more to work with Western AA developers to produce Western-made AA first party games on the Switch. Next Level is a good candidate for one of these.

Snipperclips is a low budget indie game that was being developed as a flash game.

As for giving one of their Western devs a shot at a "AA" IP ... I mean it's been a long, long, long time. 

The last one I can remember was Geist for the GameCube. After the N64 gen and Iwata taking over in 2002, Nintendo started to cut ties to a lot of their Western partners (Rare, Left Field, Silicon Knights, Factor 5, etc.) and Retro has basically been a 1 game studio (Metroid or DKC) since, when that wasn't the original intention of the studio.