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ResidentToxy said:
I really doubt that the Zelda development team will EVER announce a new IP. Especially when Breath of the Wild 2 is in development (and likely other Zelda titles). I honestly cannot think of any circumstances in which they have developed other titles. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

Eiji Aounuma has expressed that Nintendo had been pushing him to do something new for a while now, and said that he has one idea in mind involving a game about the life of a thief. While I doubt it's in development at the moment, there's nothing stopping them from taking a break from Zelda in the future.

I just think that like EA, Rockstar/Take-Two isn't interested in the Switch.

They brought L.A. Noir to the Switch, and are bringing The Outer Worlds to it as well. Most publishers will go where the money is, and if the Switch continues its momentum, third parties would be outright fools not to bring something to it. The DS showed this, Even the Wii, which some people like to cite as a counter-argument, still had a lot of publishers releasing games for it. Granted, a lot of it was shovelware, but there were decent games thrown in to balance it out too.