Nautilus said:
pokoko said:

Really, I just don't care if people don't want to call it an "RPG" because it doesn't meet their narrow criteria.  I've spent way more time actually role-playing in Fallout 4 because of the settlement building but, for a certain group, "RPG" doesn't actually mean role-playing, it means following an old "choose your own adventures" formula that manages their experience for them.  I really, really, really hope that group of people loves this game and leaves Fallout behind because they are one of the worst fandoms in all of gaming.  I'm pretty sure I own Fallout 1 but I haven't played it because I just plain don't want to be associated with that crowd.  They're toxic.

The weird thing is that New Vegas is barely different from Fallout 3.  New Vegas just makes you dress up a lot to answer questions--or, if that fails, level up a bit and come back.  Big deal.  You say "dumbed down" as a way to put down something you don't like but the old style of "RPG" is just handholding for people who want a rigid structure of choices set down by the developer rather than deal with using their own imaginations.

Its just tastes.Personally, while Fallout 4 was my first fallout, I thought it was extremely boring.Buggy, really easy, uninteresting story, and so on.While I havent played 3 and New Vegas, Im really open for something different that makes the game, or rather that style of game, more enjoyable.

Same here,i really really wanted to get into it but nothing about the game gave me enjoyment.

And that granny at the start of the game,that damn ugly charactermodel could be from a late ps2 game and the effortless voice she talks with really sets the bar at subzero levels for the rest of the game.

I will just play the Outer worlds for my Fallout fix , maybe Bethesda might learn a thing or two from them.