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Regarding third party support on the Nintendo Switch, some people will instantly compare it to the PS4 or Xbox One. In that sense, it does seem much weaker in that regard, and that's not surprising given hardware limitations. However, I feel like that's the wrong approach to take with the Switch. Given that its main gimmick is to be taken on the go in either handheld or Tabletop mode, we really should be comparing it to past Nintendo handhelds. The Game Boys, GBA, DS, and 3DS. In terms of where the Nintendo Switch ranks, I think it sits nicely in between the GBA and the DS. The GBA got a lot of great 16-bit ports, and even custom sprite-based versions of popular console franchises, and the Switch a lot of indie and AA multi-platform titles, as well as the occasional AAA feat every now and again. The DS got some console ports, but it was mainly known for its exclusive titles, that leveraged the system's unique capabilities. The Switch while it doesn't have as many of those, still has a nice share of games that at least were exclusive at one point. It's already miles ahead of the 3DS, which got largely Japanese titles and not much else. The Switch has indies, Western and Japanese AA titles, and a few AAA games. That makes it a more robust lineup than the 3DS, which was much more of a first party machine than some fans like to admit.