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kirby007 said:
Confidence is needed and cash and goodlooks

You typically need 2 of the 3, because 3 out of 3 is more rare, and having only 1 of 3, but on a level that can get you where you want with a woman is even more rare. Usually having a worthy amount of 2 of the 3 tends to be better than having a minimal amount of all 3.

Confidence is usually the key attraction, and everything else follows that. If she approaches you because she finds you attractive but you wither when talking to her, she's likely to lose that attraction quickly. If you can grab her attention with confidence, your looks won't matter near as much after that.

The YouTuber makes some good points, but I would add when you're trying to make it seem like you are the life of the party, you have to look preoccupied but open at the same time. Too many people make the mistake of closing themselves off by standing face to face or back to everyone else. Being approached this way isn't likely unless they are at the bar as well and can see you from the front. Your body should be mostly angled towards everyone else but keep typical eye contact with whoever you're conversing with. This let's woman know your open to be approached. Arms open, chin up, shoulders back.