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What the headline says, bring back KI.

KI is one of the few fighting games that has survived the distance and managed to create its very own fanbase back in the 90s and it also was one of the unique fighting games on the market. KI began as a tech demo by Rare for the SNES which shortly after became its own game. KI2 came out exclusive to the Arcades which was a giant success and Gold was released for the N64 which was basically a water downed version of KI2 on the Arcades. 

Than came 2013 for the XB1, a trailer was shown with the reboot of KI known as KI 2013. It started out as a free game with a 6 character roster which rotated every few weeks with the free character set-up. Today KI 2013 houses 29 characters with a ton of unique stages and has the best net code of any fighting game to date.

Must watch for KI Fans below

Killer Instinct Game Releases

(1994) Killer Instinct - SNES

(1996) Killer Instinct 2 - ARCADE

(1997) Killer Instinct Gold - N64

(2013) Killer Instinct - XB1

KI has some of the best fighting music of any, Some examples below

MS needs to bring Killer Instinct to the next generation and maybe the Switch too ;)


Last edited by Azzanation - on 28 July 2019