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siebensus4 said:
super_etecoon said:

I'm not sure if there will be a dedicated thread for levels (there probably should be), but if not make sure to post them here.

I could swear that I have seen a thread which was called "Put you Mario Maker 2 levels here". I have searched now for 20 minutes, but was not able to find it. Could someone help me please :)

And by the way, for those who care to know, I wish I could be making Mario Maker 2 levels right now, but I'm on a strict no spend diet right now and haven't yet purchased the title.  Hopefully if I hit a few of my goals I can get the game by September.  Fingers crossed.  In the meantime I'm subsisting on a meager Rocket League diet with no extras.  Can't believe the band for my $20 that that title has brought me. It's almost obsessive really.  And I'm not even that good at the game.