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mZuzek said:
curl-6 said:

Rain does a lot more than just create slippery cliffs though; it drowns out the sound of your footsteps and reduces enemy vision, making stealth more potent. It buffs electrical weapons, as hitting a wet enemy with one will not only do more damage but also create a lightning AOE. On the flipside, bomb arrows are extinguished, not just for you but also for enemies. It creates puddles, which offer up opportunities for both electrocution and using Cryonis.  Different animals come out during the rain.

All of this is indeed really cool, but ultimately, not being able to climb is just a bigger nuisance. It's one of those things that didn't bother me as much in most of my first playthrough because, as annoying as it was, I knew that at some point there would be some gear or power-up that would allow me to climb in rain more effectively... but no. If it's raining, it's raining and you just gotta say "oh well".

Well, like I say, ideally the climbing gear or some kind of gloves would've allowed that, but Revali's Gale pretty much does.

You can also climb even when its wet; IIRC (haven't had to use it since getting Revali's Gale in March 2017) you jump after every 3 handholds. You burn through stamina faster but it's not like rain means you have to just give up.

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