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Some well known NES classics:

Castlevania II: The quest of where the f*** do I go

Dragon Warrior Thre-HOLY SHITE THE TWIST!

Link to the Side

Tennage Mutant Ninja Donatello

Street Gangs: The quest for girlfriends

Ducktales: You Thought the Remake Would Be Better?

Thanks for the Xenoblade reminder. My favourites (aside from the Satorl Marsh song you already posted, I am a BIG fan of the night music):

Then two great titans came into existance: the Bionis and the Mechonis. - Shulk

Little by little, each day as it comes, that's how we should live. That's our world. - Shulk

Now it's Reyn time! - Reyn

"This is our new home," - Elma

We loathe them. They have ruined our once-peaceful life! They are all... how should we say? Asscaves. -L

"I long for those hectic and chaotic days that once were, but this too is pleasant in a odd sort of way. Yes... The time has come for me to move on... Shion" -Jin Uzuki

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-I am coming Solaris! I shall be the dark wings which carry you all to hell! - Maria Balthasar

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