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Currently, The majority of Nintendo's software development divisions and subsidiaries are Japanese. Nintendo EPD, Intelligent Systems, MonolithSoft, HAL Laboratory. With a few Western subsidiaries and partners, Nintendo Software Technology, Retro Studios, and Next Level games being among them. Over the years though, Nintendo's western development has declined in both output and relevancy. NST was locked into MvDK games and Ports after burning bridges with Project H.A.M.M.E.R., Retro Studios has spent 5 years toiling away at... whatever the hell they're making at this point. And Next Level Games isn't even a true subsidiary. It's weird because two major Japanese publishers, Square Enix and Sega, already have quite a few Western developers under their belt.

In the past, Nintendo has said they don't like doing studio acquisitions a lot since they feel a game is nothing without the creative talent behind it, and if those leave, then you get stuck with a big metaphorical paperweight, which is why they prefer co-productions with independent studios over buyouts. But with a new CEO Shuntaro Furukawa, and a change in management over the years, should Nintendo at least do more to bolster a sizable western development empire? Nintendo's got a lot of talent behind them, but I do think they can add a bit more cultural variety to their portfolio with a few acquisitions. It doesn't have to be a Microsoft-level shopping spree, but acquiring a few western studios wouldn't hurt I don't think. Plus, they could help the Switch be even more appealing to Western gamers as well.